Welcome to the home page for the Boston Chapter Autocross Series!

Have you ever wondered what you and your car are really capable of? Here’s your chance to find out in a safe, fun environment, with other driving enthusiasts.

Autocross can be defined as “a timed competition consisting of controlled driving through a course marked with traffic cones”.  Although you compete against other drivers in your car’s class, you are also competing against yourself, working to decrease your time as you maneuver through the course.

You don’t need to own a BMW to compete in our autocross events, but you do need to be a member of the BMW CCA (and add the Boston Chapter to your membership). It’s easy to join. You can join (here). If you are already a BMW CCA member, just make sure to add the Boston Chapter to your current membership.

Our season schedule generally runs from early April until late October and usually includes eight timed regular season events, two Novice Schools, an Advanced Test and Tune, and a special event.

In the following pages you will find everything you need to know about participating in a BMW CCA autocross event. Please read these instructions carefully, even if you are a Boston Chapter Autocross veteran. Because using your car in this controlled environment can introduce risks, we must make sure it remains a safe series. We reserve the right to discharge a driver who creates an unsafe situation.

Autocross Policies and Rules 

Non-BMW Car Classification