Foreign Motorcars Undercarriage Tech Session








On November 17, 2018, Foreign Motorcars in Quincy graciously hosted an undercarriage tech session open to all Boston Chapter members. This type of event–one which the chapter organizes often–is an invaluable opportunity to have the undercarriage of your BMW carefully examined by meticulous professionals. David, the Tech partner and Kyle, the Sales partner, have been working together at their shop for quite some time. They have added a second floor to their building and a second lift to their new facility at 586 Willard Street. The floors have a special epoxy coating on them–they are so clean you could eat off them.


I was early and David happily put my 1988 325iX up on the lift.  He complimented me on how dry the undercarriage looked on the car, and went on to point out a power steering high pressure hose that was looking tired. He noted that the fitting was rusting, making it susceptible to failure.




Roger Bordereau came in next on the lift. His 2003 E39 5 Series looked very clean given its over 100,000 miles on the odometer. The interior was in perfect condition. The car, a recent purchase, was obviously well cared for.

In addition to great service, David and Kyle really pack BMW’s into their lot! There is rarely less than 15-20 pre-owned BMW’s at their facility.  You can find them about 5 minutes off Rt. 93 South before the Braintree split at the Furnace Brook exit.


John Sullivan is Vice President/Activities of the Boston Chapter of the BMW CCA.

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